22k Gold Jewellery, 18k Diamond Jewellery, Laser Inscribed Solitaire Diamonds

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Gold Jewellery and Diamond Jewellery
Currently we sell gold jewelry made in 22 karat and diamond jewelry in 18 karat and 22 karat gold. The purity of the jewelry is mentioned along with the product descriptions in the respective product pages.
All our products are BIS hallmarked. Hallmark is the assurance of the purity of product recognized by The Government of India. Hallmarking certifies that the jewelry conforms to National/International Standards of Purity. In India, the BIS, i.e., Bureau of Indian Standards undertakes certification of purity of gold jewelry in accordance with Indian Standards IS:1417 Grades of Gold & Gold Alloys.

Every hallmarked jewelry consists of the BIS logo, fineness number - karatage and mark of the BIS recognized assaying and hallmarking centre.
 Karat  Hallmarked Purity
 (Fineness Number) 
 22k  916
 18k  750

All the Diamond Jewellery sold by us comes with IGI Diamond Certificate with certificate number engraved on the product and which can be cross checked and verified on the website of http://www.igiworldwide.com/
Solitaire Diamonds

All the Solitaire Diamonds sold by us come with a GIA / IGI / HRD certificate . Nearly 90% of world's rough diamonds are polished in India and exported, this guarantees that you get the best of certified solitaire diamond at most competitive price.


What Is Laser Inscription?

Laser inscription of diamonds is a process of using a very fine, precise laser beam to write a customized personal message or certificate number on the outside perimeter of a diamond, called the girdle. The precise heat of a tiny laser beam transforms a very thin layer (just a few atoms thick) of the diamond from transparent carbon crystal (diamond) into opaque carbon (graphite). This gives the inscription a 3D appearance under a microscope. Laser inscription is considered permanent since it can only be removed by a professional diamond cutter.

The laser inscription is microscopic -- totally invisible to the naked eye. It can only be seen with a jewelers' 10x magnifying loupe. Laser inscription does not change the color grade or clarity grade of a diamond.

The advantages of Laser Inscription are


When you take your diamond ring for setting or repairs, you can identify it and be certain that you receive the same diamond when you return to pick it up.

Peace of Mind

Nothing protects your investment better than the ability to identify your diamond without fail, any time. You will feel better knowing that no one can switch your diamond, whether on purpose or by accident.

Insurance Savings

Some insurance companies appreciate the added security measure this provides. Ask your insurance company about possible discounts on your jewelry rider.

We Sell only Laser inscribed GIA, IGI and HRD certified solitaires.